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StudentAid BC policy manual

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The StudentAid BC Policy Manual is a comprehensive guide to the policies governing the StudentAid BC program.

Officials from post-secondary education institutions can find additional information, resources and forms related to the administration of StudentAid BC in the sections below.

The StudentAid BC Administration Manual provides instructions for private post-secondary institution officials about how to administer StudentAid BC policies.

All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher.
Latest news
2023/2024 Program Year Overview

60.17 KB - application/pdf
2023/2024 Allowances Sheet

186.27 KB - application/pdf
2022/2023 Allowances Sheet

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StudentAid BC Modernization Project Resources
Student Information Management System Project Overview

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Policy manual
2022/23 StudentAid BC policy manual

1.37 MB - application/pdf
2023/24 StudentAid BC policy manual

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2021/22 StudentAid BC policy manual

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Program codes
Program codes search

Designation and program forms
Designation Application for all post-secondary institutions

New program request for public post-secondary institutions

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Confirmation of StudentAid BC distance education eligibility

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Certification of Program Information for BC Public Institutions

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2022/23 Program eligibility declaration (PED) for private post-secondary institutions

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2023/24 Program eligibility declaration (PED) for private post-secondary institutions

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Designation policy framework

(Intergovernmental Consultative Committee on Student Financial Assistance, April 2003 [updated February 2008])

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2023/24 StudentAid BC Administration Manual

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Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment System Access Request Form

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StudentAid BC Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Guide

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Confirmation of enrolment

Information on completing and submitting the confirmation of enrolment form, including instructions for international students.

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Directed programs
2023/24 Adult Upgrading Grant application

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2023/24 Adult Upgrading Grant Policy and Procedures Manual

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Learning Disability Screen

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Learning disability assessment bursary application

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Assistance program for students with disabilities

335.32 KB - application/pdf
Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment – Students with Disabilities. Service Request form

This form can now be downloaded from the Form Library page (located under Grant and Bursary Forms).

StudentAid BC Accessibility Program User Guide

BC Repayment Rates Appendixes A-C

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Repayment Resource Guide for Institutions

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