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The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training launched the StudentAid BC full-time on-line application initiative and system roll-out. The new system is fast, convenient and secure.

Benefits to your students include:

  • easy access to the application
  • error-free completion and
  • fast processing

Advantages for institutions include:

  • less paper work
  • appendix 3 completion online
  • electronic notifications and
  • error-free form completion

In order for students to benefit from the StudentAid BC full-time on-line application process, institutions need to register and request access to the Partner Portal. Access to the Partner Portal will allow students to apply while allowing institutions to submit Appendix 3’s on their behalf.

Institutions will need a Business BCeID or Basic BCeID account. A BCeID account provides secure access to participating BC Government on-line services. A Business BCeID allows organization staff to confirm identity with a single user ID and password when acting as an authorized representative of the business. Please refer to the BCeID website at:

Institutions will be required to complete and submit Appendix 3’s through the Partner Portal on behalf of eligible students. Please review the following steps:

  1. Review Frequently Asked Questions about entry to the Partner Portal
  2. Ensure your institution has obtained a BCeID
  3. Choose an Institution Administrator
  4. Review Frequently Asked Questions about how BCeID relates to the Partner Portal

If you have any questions or need assistance after reviewing the information, please contact Pam Lacey at 250-952-6374 or by email at

Partner Portal Videos

Partner Portal - Overview

Partner Portal - A Detailed Look

Partner Portal - Appendix 3 Records