Explore occupations

Deciding on the right education path begins with career exploration. There are many tools and resources available to help you set and pursue your career goals.

Assess your skills and interests

These career planning tools and resources can help you to assess your skills and interests and identify potential careers that may be right for you.

Explore potential careers

Once you've decided what your skills and interests are, check out potential careers including the main duties, educational requirements, workforce trends and job prospects.

  • Career Trek
    follow two hosts as they travel across B.C. and bring 52 jobs to life.
  • Working in Canada
    search through job descriptions, wage rates, skill requirements, and training and job opportunities within specific geographic locations.
  • Career Profiles
    get all the details you need about the careers that interest you, from qualifications and duties to projected demand.
  • WorkBC’s Parents' Guide
    Provides labour market information to support youth in exploring career and educational pathways.

Examine experiences of recent graduates

You can find out a lot about a potential career by learning about the experiences of recent graduates.