Check your school designation

To be eligible for student aid, you must attend a designated institution and be enrolled in an eligible program.

You can also check the student loan repayment and default rates of the institution you wish to attend.

Is Your Institution Designated?

The government designates post-secondary institutions for both federal and provincial student aid. As outlined in the StudentAid BC policy manual, designated institutions are expected to focus on your success, and on ensuring you improve your overall employability.

  1. All public universities, colleges, and institutes in B.C. are designated
  2. Not all private training or out-of-province institutions have been designated by the government

Find out if the institution you are planning to attend is designated.

Institution City Province Country Designated

What do I do if my institution is not designated?

Education institutions can apply for StudentAid BC designation. If your institution is not designated, please contact the institution (e.g. Financial Aid Office, International Office, Registrar’s Office) to request they apply for designation.

Your institution must be designated prior to submitting your StudentAid BC application, as designation is not retroactive. This process should be initiated well in advance of your studies because the application process may take several months to complete. To initiate the designation process, please ask your institution to complete the appropriate Designation Application.

If you are not sure if your institution or program of study is designated, contact the institution directly. In the event of any discrepancy between the Institution Search tool and Ministry records, Ministry records will be the official record.

Loan repayment and default rates

Canada student loan repayment rates

Check the Canada Student Loan Repayment Rates for your institution.

B.C. student loan default rates

InstitutionCityCodeFY 2007/08 to 2011/12FY 2006/07 to 2010/11FY 2005/06 to 2009/10FY 2004/05 to 2008/09
Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences NelsonAPQY13%11.1%5.7%3.2%
Academy of Excellence Hair Design & Aesthetics Ltd. VictoriaAPBJ21.3%14.3%12.9%11.6%
Academy of Learning AbbotsfordAPNT38.2%41.3%40.5%37%
Academy of Learning BurnabyAPTR40%13.3%--
Academy of Learning KamloopsAPNG22.2%24.6%33.3%41.7%
Academy of Learning KelownaAPSB50%50%36.4%-
Academy of Learning LangfordAPLQ18.2%9.1%28.6%39%
Academy of Learning LangleyAPPX33.3%34%41.3%32.3%
Academy of Learning NanaimoAPMT29.7%34.8%39.1%44.6%
Academy of Learning RichmondAPKU11.4%12.9%12.2%12.5%
Academy of Learning SurreyAPRX27%29.8%29.3%25%
Academy of Learning Vancouver-BroadwayAPLV57.1%--52.5%
Academy of Learning VictoriaAPMS14.9%17%17.2%24%
Adler School of Professional Psychology VancouverAPRY4.8%2.1%0%0%
Alexander College BurnabyAPUF0%---
Arbutus College of Communication Arts, Business and Technology VancouverAPFA0%---
Ashton College VancouverAPZE9.1%9.8%11.6%15.9%
Automotive Training Centre SurreyAPUE, APOF34.9%36.5%37.9%34.6%
Aveda Institute Victoria VictoriaAPON12.7%14.9%13%13.9%
BC College of Optics SurreyAPEZ5.3%3.6%4.7%7.5%
BC Helicopters AbbotsfordAPSX8.3%---
Ben Kersen and The Wonderdogs VictoriaAPYU16.7%---
Blanche Macdonald Centre 12th Avenue VancouverAPBE21.1%18.7%15%15.2%
Blanche Macdonald Centre Robson Street VancouverAPTO22.6%18%6.3%-
BM Chan International Cosmetology College VancouverAPJC22%13.5%22.2%21.5%
Body Glamour Institute of Beauty by Anita North VancouverAPTB23.5%8.3%--
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine New WestminsterAPYL1.4%2.9%3%2%
Brighton College BurnabyAQBE3.6%4.7%2.2%2.2%
British Columbia Institute of Technology BurnabyBCIT5.9%5.8%5.4%5.9%
Cambridge College BurnabyAQAF14.9%8.2%11.9%22.3%
Camosun College VictoriaCAM11.5%11.6%11.6%12.1%
Canadian College of Performing Arts VictoriaAPYB0%0%0%10.5%
Canadian Flight Centre DeltaAPBS18.2%16.7%18.8%7.7%
Canadian Health Care Academy New WestminsterAPQU5.8%7.6%10.7%7.2%
Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing KelownaAPCH16.7%16.1%18.2%21.1%
Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training Campbell RiverAPRM0%---
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition VancouverAQAV0%0%--
Canadian Tourism College SurreyAPIC9.3%17.9%18.6%24.2%
Canadian Tourism College VancouverAPEY13.4%12%11.8%13.6%
Canscribe Career College KelownaAPUJ7.7%0%--
Capilano University North VancouverCAPU10.5%9.6%10.5%11%
Career Gate Community College AbbotsfordAPZR26%30%29.3%35%
Cascade Culinary Arts School AbbotsfordAQBI41.2%58.3%--
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care AbbotsfordAPPA30.2%32%31%30.6%
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care BurnabyAPIN13%13.9%18.7%19.1%
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care RichmondAPUW0%---
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care SurreyAPIM22.7%22.2%23.8%24%
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care VancouverAPBX20.4%22.8%26%24.9%
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care VictoriaAPSH9.5%8%18.8%0%
Central College Inc. New WestminsterAPZZ5.4%5.3%3.8%4.3%
Centre For Arts and Technology KelownaAPZU15.8%18.1%16.5%18.1%
Chinook Helicopters Ltd AbbotsfordAPHN0%---
Christ College SurreyAPKD0%---
City University of Seattle VancouverAPDL and MQYN14.6%---
Coastal Pacific Aviation AbbotsfordAPCG0%---
College of New Caledonia Prince GeorgeCNC21.1%21.1%22.3%23%
College of the Rockies CranbrookCOTR15.8%17.1%18.4%18.2%
Columbia Bible College AbbotsfordAPAJ2.7%5.5%7.5%8.2%
Columbia College VancouverAPAI0%---
Cornerstone International Community College of Canada VancouverAPXE16.7%7.7%--
Corpus Christi College VancouverAPYJ0%---
Discovery Community College Campbell RiverAPNO36.4%---
Discovery Community College CourtenayAPTS29.4%6.7%--
Discovery Community College Maple RidgeAPUY9.1%---
Discovery Community College NanaimoAPTP33.3%30.3%--
Discovery Community College NanaimoAPTX45%---
Discovery Community College ParksvilleAPUA44.4%27.8%--
Discovery Community College ParksvilleAPUB24%11.8%--
Discovery Community College Port AlberniAPTQ41.2%26.3%9.1%-
Divesafe International Campbell RiverAPVC0%---
Diving Dynamics KelownaAPJL14.3%12.5%13.4%16.2%
Douglas College New WestminsterDOUG11%10.4%11.4%13%
Drake Medox College VancouverAPDB9.7%2.7%0%-
Electrical Joint Training Committee BurnabyAPTI7.7%5%0%-
Emily Carr University of Art & Design VancouverECU8.9%8.2%7.8%9.4%
Eton College VancouverAPBR9.9%8.7%11.3%6.4%
Excel Career College CourtenayAPYT and APPI44.3%46.8%42%37.5%
Focal Point Visual Arts Learning Centre VancouverAQBS20%10.5%15.8%13.3%
Future Hair Training Centre VancouverAPXL23.5%16.7%22.7%15.4%
Gateway College VancouverAPGY3.7%3.4%1.7%5.2%
Gente Bella Beauty Academy ChilliwackAPBN43.1%43.7%47.1%43.2%
Granville Business College VancouverAPLG13.7%11.5%13.6%17.5%
Greystone College of Business and Technology VancouverAPEP0%---
Hair Art Academy SurreyAPOZ15.6%12.1%17.2%21.2%
Harbourside Institute of Technology North VancouverAPSK24.2%23.8%25%-
Heli ‐ College Canada Training Inc LangleyAPOP0%---
Hilltop Academy New WestminsterAPOU37%39.6%44%45.1%
Holly's Salons and Schools North VancouverAPCI44.4%42.1%38.9%28.6%
Imperial Hotel Management College VancouverAPRP14.3%14.3%7.7%-
Insignia College of Health and Business VictoriaAPRV21%17.9%12.5%11.1%
Institute of Ocean Careers VictoriaAPPT22.2%---
Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School Ltd WinfieldAPUH0%---
International College of TCM VancouverAPOG2%6.9%7.5%9.6%
International Culinary School @ AIV VancouverAPDW16.2%14.5%13.9%11.9%
John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts VancouverAPCZ16.1%17.4%20.6%21.7%
Justice Institute of British Columbia New WestminsterJIBC3.2%4.6%1.6%1.8%
Kelowna College of Professional Counselling KelownaAQCC23.7%23.5%15.4%8.6%
Kosmetae Academy AbbotsfordAPJS32.9%35.4%29.2%29.3%
Kutenai Art Therapy Institute NelsonAPPU7.1%---
Kwantlen Polytechnic University SurreyKWAN10.2%10.3%10.4%11.2%
Langara College VancouverLANG13%13.5%13.6%14.6%
Lasalle College International Vancouver VancouverAPYA13%18%16.3%9.1%
London School of Hairdressing and Aesthetics VancouverAPDK25.8%27.2%30.6%30.9%
Lost Boys Studios ‐ School of Visual Effects VancouverAPUG0%---
Loxx Academy of Hair Design Prince GeorgeAPLZ49.2%--60.2%
M.C. College KelownaAPBU19.9%17.6%18.5%18.5%
Maple Ridge School of Esthetics Maple RidgeAPNM30.8%41.7%53.8%37.5%
Marvel College KelownaAPBU20.1%17.6%18.5%18.5%
Metropolitan Community College VancouverAQCL45.5%53.8%45.5%41.7%
Montessori Training Centre of BC VancouverAPEM3.7%6.9%2.9%3.4%
Mountain Transport Institute Ltd CastlegarAQBK28.6%---
Ms Lorea's College of Esthetics & Nail Technology Prince GeorgeAPQL29.8%38.9%38.2%33.3%
MTI Community College AbbotsfordAPTK18.7%10%14.3%-
MTI Community College BurnabyAQBX11.7%21.8%23.5%25.3%
MTI Community College ChilliwackAPRK32.5%38.9%39.2%34.5%
MTI Community College CoquitlamAPRL16.3%16.4%16.3%7.7%
MTI Community College SurreyAPLS17.3%16.4%23.1%22.2%
MTI Community College VancouverAPRC16.6%14.2%17.1%21.2%
Native Education College VancouverAPGG54.3%64.9%66.2%58.8%
New Image College of Fine Arts VancouverAQBB36.4%34.8%26.4%21%
New York Institute of Technology VancouverAPTL0%---
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology MerrittNVIT33.6%42.1%46.3%53%
Nimbus School of Recording Arts VancouverAPXD20.5%21.4%30.4%21.7%
North Island College CourtenayNIC14.8%15.1%17.7%20.1%
Northern Lights College Dawson CreekNLC15.2%17.7%20.4%21.5%
Northwest Community College TerraceNWCC34.8%36.9%40.4%38.4%
Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver VancouverAPRJ8.8%7.7%11.8%16.7%
Nu‐Way Hairdressing And Esthetics School SurreyAPCJ0%---
Okanagan College KelownaOKAN12.7%12.4%11.3%11.6%
Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy VernonAPPL2.1%5.1%4.9%2.8%
Omni College RichmondAQBL6.7%0%0%-
Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology VictoriaAPZB16.7%23.1%23.5%22.2%
Pacific Audio Visual Institute VancouverAQBC30%32.6%35.3%34.1%
Pacific Coast Community College VancouverAPAC7.7%9.5%9.1%9.9%
Pacific Design Academy VictoriaAPFY13.6%13.9%10%10.7%
Pacific Film & New Media Academy VictoriaAPJY29.2%28%23.3%31.3%
Pacific Flying Club DeltaAPBQ0%---
Pacific Horticulture College VictoriaAPIQ40%33.3%30%23.8%
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts VancouverAQAH8.1%5.6%8.5%9.2%
Pacific Life Bible College SurreyAPAG11.4%12%18.8%20%
Pacific Rim College VictoriaAPTU3.4%---
PCU College of Holistic Medicine VancouverAQBQ10.2%17.9%19.7%15%
Penticton School of Hair PentictonAPEF34.1%34%37.3%31%
Prana Yoga Teacher Training VancouverAPRW0%---
Procare Institute Inc BurnabyAPMI23.4%20%23.5%26.8%
Quest University Canada SquamishAPTJ0%---
Ray Hair Arts Academy VancouverAPQF29.2%32.1%30.6%35.4%
Regent College VancouverAPAQ0%0%1.6%3.8%
Rhodes Wellness College VancouverAPRA15.8%19.4%17%21.3%
Ridge Meadows College Maple RidgeAPOM11.1%---
Roggendorf School of Hairdressing & Nails SurreyAPEC20%---
Royal Canadian Institute of Technology VancouverAPSD and APUU21%17.5%3.6%9.1%
Royal Roads University VictoriaRRU4.4%3.6%4.3%4.6%
RSH International College of Cosmetology Maple RidgeAPJP35.4%32.8%28.8%28%
Saint Elizabeth Education Centre VancouverAPUB0%---
Selkirk College CastlegarSEL12.5%14.2%14.8%15.2%
Seminary of Christ the King MissionAPCR8.3%---
Simon Fraser University BurnabySFU4.6%4.8%4.9%5.1%
Sprott Shaw Community College AbbotsfordAPWS19.3%21.6%23.2%30.1%
Sprott Shaw Community College BurnabyAQCH14.3%6.3%6.7%7.7%
Sprott Shaw Community College East VancouverAPYN15%15.8%20.9%23.6%
Sprott Shaw Community College KamloopsAPYQ20.4%21.7%24.4%24.6%
Sprott Shaw Community College KelownaAPWX21.7%20.7%16.4%19.1%
Sprott Shaw Community College Maple RidgeAPZM26.1%28.6%30.3%33%
Sprott Shaw Community College NanaimoAPWW33.8%32.1%34.3%37.4%
Sprott Shaw Community College New WestminsterAPNI12.9%14.2%14.3%18.9%
Sprott Shaw Community College PentictonAPWV23.8%25.6%27.4%30.2%
Sprott Shaw Community College SurreyAPNZ12.5%13.1%15.5%21.8%
Sprott Shaw Community College VancouverAPLH21.3%21.6%22.8%23.6%
Sprott Shaw Community College VictoriaAPAO29.3%28.3%30.8%33.9%
Stenberg College SurreyAPXS10%10.5%10.7%13.2%
Suki's Advanced Hair Academy VancouverAPEE14.3%23.1%--
Summit Pacific College AbbotsfordAPAH10.2%12%14%12.9%
Surrey College SurreyAQBJ10.9%8.5%9.4%7.6%
Taylor Pro Training Ltd. KelownaAPTN22.2%---
The Art Institute of Vancouver VancouverAPZC13%14%11.2%11.4%
The Art Institute of Vancouver BurnabyAPCY13%17.1%15.8%15.2%
Think Tank Training Centre North VancouverAPTH4.3%0%--
Thompson Career College Inc KamloopsAPZH14.8%16.8%14.6%16.7%
Thompson Rivers University KamloopsTRU12.1%11.2%11.5%12.8%
Trinity Western University LangleyAPAK5.2%5.4%6.3%6.8%
Tru Spa Institute of Aesthetics NanaimoAPVD0%---
UA Piping Industry College of British Columbia DeltaAPTV7.7%---
Universal Learning Institute RichmondAQAK37.5%35.5%18.2%15%
Universal Learning Institute SurreyAQBG45%43.5%50%46.4%
University of British Columbia VancouverUBC2.9%3%3.2%3.7%
University Canada West VancouverAPDH and APUK16%-20%30%
University of Northern British Columbia Prince GeorgeUNBC7.7%8.1%8.8%8.9%
University of the Fraser Valley AbbotsfordUCFV11.1%12%12%13%
University of Victoria VictoriaUVIC4.3%4%4.2%4.7%
Utopia Academy AbbotsfordAPXY15.4%14.1%17.4%26.2%
Utopia Academy VancouverAPRS13.6%13.5%22%18.8%
Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts VancouverAPRT5.9%0%--
Vancouver Acting School VancouverAPUI14.3%---
Vancouver Art Therapy Institute West VancouverAPDO0%0%0%0%
Vancouver Career College AbbotsfordAPMW9.5%12.3%18.7%23%
Vancouver Career College VancouverAPNE11.8%13.8%14.7%14%
Vancouver Career College BurnabyAPWR10.3%9.5%9.6%9.7%
Vancouver Career College SurreyAPZJ16.4%16.6%18%23.8%
Vancouver Career College CoquitlamAPZQ16.1%12.3%16.1%21%
Vancouver Career College KelownaAQAZ22%18.3%20.9%24.4%
Vancouver College of Counsellor Training VancouverAPIX27.4%28.4%26.1%28.8%
Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene VancouverAPUV0%---
Vancouver Community College VancouverVCC8.3%8.9%8.9%9.2%
Vancouver Film School VancouverAPHO15.6%15.3%15.9%15.8%
Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) VancouverAPQJ9.2%11.4%9.7%9%
Vancouver Island School of Art VictoriaAPSC11.1%---
Vancouver Island University NanaimoMUC12.5%13.3%14.3%16.3%
Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Mgmt VancouverAPYZ16.1%21.6%17.8%16%
Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage VancouverAPUX6.3%---
Vancouver School of Theology VancouverAPAP5%5.3%10.7%11.1%
Victoria College of Art VictoriaAPAU and APUP16.7%---
Victoria Flying Club SidneyAPDG7.7%8.3%7.1%10%
Vogue College North VancouverAPZY23.4%22%28.8%39.3%
Waterworks Technology School VictoriaAPAG45.2%40.8%37.1%35.6%
West Coast Adventure College SookeAPDU18.2%36.4%27.3%-
West Coast College of Health Care SurreyAPOD12.3%9.7%10%13.3%
West Coast College of Massage Therapy New WestminsterAPDJ7.3%7%6.1%5.2%
West Coast College of Massage Therapy VictoriaAPXU4.6%4.8%3%3.4%
Western Academy of Photography VictoriaAPEU10.7%7.6%8.8%9.1%
Windsong School of Healing Ltd. Port AlberniAPXJ0%10%4.2%4.2%
Winston College BurnabyAPDI28.6%---