What if I transfer schools?


Two-week time limit for transfers
You may do a transfer if the length of time between leaving one school and starting your new school is two weeks or less; otherwise you are considered withdrawn from your previous school and you will have to complete a new StudentAid BC application.

Transferring before you get funding
If you have applied for, but have not yet received, StudentAid BC funding at the time you transfer schools, complete an Appendix 7: Request for reassessment and submit it to StudentAid BC for processing.

Transferring after you get funding

  1. 1 If you have already received your StudentAid BC funding when you change schools, complete Appendix 5.
  2. 2 Submit the form to StudentAid BC.

You, your old (original) school and your new school are all required to fill out separate sections of the Appendix 5 form, so you will need to contact the financial aid offices or school officials at both schools (the school you are transferring from and the school you are transferring to).

Your completed form must be received by StudentAid BC no later than six weeks before your study period ends.

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