Chinese Government Scholarship Program

This program provides the opportunity to student at a Chinese university on scholarships from the Chinese Government.

What is available?

Full and partial-scholarships are available annually.

Full Scholarship: A full scholarship covers tuition (or research) fees, basic learning materials, accommodation, living allowance, comprehensive medical insurance for international students under the Chinese Government Scholarship program, a one-time settlement subsidy, and a one-time inter-city travel allowance.

Partial Scholarship: A partial scholarship covers tuition only. It may also include one or more items of a full scholarship (settlement subsidy and inter-city travel allowance excluded). For detailed information regarding the value of the scholarships please visit: .

Am I eligible?

Applicants must be a Canadian citizen, a resident of B.C., in good health and must meet educational background and age requirements. Visit Study Abroad Financial Help for further information.

How do I apply?

For further information on eligibility and how to apply, visit: Study Abroad Financial Help.