How do I de-activate my account?

If you need to de-activate your account and recreate a new account, be aware that any draft applications or appendices will be deleted. However, any previously submitted information will be linked to your new account.


  1. 1From the dashboard login page select the link for Did you forget your User ID/Password?
  2. 2Enter your data in the fields – Last Name, SIN, Birthday – then click Next.
  3. 3Incorrectly answer the security question three times to prompt these two options to appear: Reset password or De-Activate account.
  4. 4Select De-Activate account.
  5. 5Read the confirmation text before selecting De-Activate account.
  6. 6Click Yes. De-activate and create new account.
  7. 7Create a new account using your same information (name, SIN, etc.), but with a new user name.