How to receive part-time funding

What documents will I receive?

Once we have assessed your application and you have been approved for part-time funding, you will receive the following documents:

  1. 1 Certificate of Eligibility

    The Certificate of Eligibility states the type of funding you will receive and whether your school may ask that some of the funds be paid directly to them to cover your academic fees. This document is produced only after your school has confirmed that you are enrolled to attend.

  2. 2 Canada Student Loan Agreement

Both documents contain the terms and conditions of your loan and or grants. It is important that you review them before signing the loan agreement as this is a legally binding contract requiring you to repay your student loans.

What do I do with my documents?

To receive your part-time funding, you must submit both your Certificate of Eligibility and the signed Canada Student Loan Agreement to Canada Post within 30 days of your educational institution signing the “Confirmation of Enrollment” section, and before the “Period of Study End Date” indicated on the Certificate of Eligibility.

  1. 1 Confirm your identity at a Canada Post outlet

    As soon as you receive your Certificate of eligibility and Canada Student Loan Agreement, take them to a designated Canada Post outlet

    Make sure to bring all the following personal documentation with you:

    • your social insurance number card/letter, or a copy of an official Government of Canada document that includes your social insurance number; and
    • official government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, B.C. identification card or passport; and
    • a void, personal cheque with your bank account number. If you do not have a personal cheque, your bank or credit union can help you complete the electronic funds transfer section of your Loan Agreement. If you lose your agreement, contact StudentAid BC to have the document reprinted and sent to you.
  2. Note: Due to recent changes to the Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Tax Assessment form, please be advised that this form is no longer acceptable documentation to confirm your identification.

  3. 2 Money released on or after the disbursement date

    After your Certificate of Eligibility and Loan agreement have been processed, your funds will be either deposited electronically into the bank account you have specified, or forwarded to your school. The deposit usually occurs within seven business days of the receipt of the documents by NSLSC .

What happens the next time I apply?

Each time you apply and have been approved for part-time funding, follow the steps under "What do I do with my documents" to receive your funds.

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