Am I eligible for loan rehabilitation?

Eligibility for loan rehabilitation depends on the type of B.C. student loan you hold. There are three types of B.C. student loans:

  • Direct lend loans: Loans issued after July 31, 2000
  • Risk-sharing loans: Loans issued between Aug. 1, 1995 and July 31, 2000
  • Guaranteed loans: Loans issued before Aug. 1, 1995

If you have more than one type of B.C. student loan, you must follow the rehabilitation procedures for each type of loan you hold.

Rehabilitating Direct Lend and Guaranteed B.C. Student Loans

Your B.C. student loan is eligible for rehabilitation if:

  • You repay the outstanding debt (principal plus outstanding interest) and all associated fees in full

OR meet all of the following requirements:

  • Make the equivalent of two monthly payments to Revenue Services of British Columbia (RSBC);
  • Repay RSBC all outstanding interest, NSF charges and other fees associated with the defaulted B.C. student loan from the date of default;
  • Have your default restriction removed from your StudentAid BC file by contacting StudentAid BC; and
  • Ensure that RSBC repayment requirements are up to date until the rehabilitation request is approved.
*NOTE: Borrowers who rehabilitate their B.C. student loan may be eligible for the B.C. Repayment Assistance Plan. However, to be eligible for any further financial assistance, borrowers must have both their provincial and federal loans in good standing (not in default, delinquent status or bankruptcy, and no provincial or federal overaward restrictions). To rehabilitate your Canada Student Loan please contact the National Student Loans Service Centre at 1-888-815-4514.

If your B.C. student loan has been written off or extinguished as a bad debt, you must contact StudentAid BC to have your loan rehabilitated to be eligible for more financial assistance.

Rehabilitating Risk-Sharing B.C. Student Loans

If you have defaulted on risk-sharing B.C. student loans, please view the information on missing loan payments and about the B.C. Student Loan Rehabilitation Program.

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