How do I have my identity verified?

All new full-time student loan applicants will need to have their identity verified prior to accessing the student loan application via their online StudentAid BC dashboard.

You are considered a new applicant if you have not previously received funding from StudentAid BC.

Applicants who are age 19 and over will be required to log into their StudentAid BC dashboard using their Photo BC Services Card to access the student loan application. In order to setup their Photo BC Services Card they will need to visit a Service BC location to have their identity verified.

Visit the Service BC website for more information about Service BC office locations, and for help setting up and using your BC Services Card account.

Applicants under the age of 19 who do not have a BC Services Card with their photo on it will be provided with a link to download an Attestation of Identity Verification Form, which they will need to have completed at a Service BC location, or by an approved Guarantor.

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