Expanded tuition waiver program for former youth in care

Published October 31, 2017

Young people leaving foster care now will have access to free tuition at all 25 of British Columbia’s public post-secondary institutions. British Columbia wants youth in our provincial care system to know we are looking out for them and that we believe in their potential. That’s why B.C. is expanding access to post-secondary education for youth aging out of care so they can thrive, not just survive. This program – previously only available at 11 public post-secondary institutions – provides tuition waivers to former youth in care, who are less likely to have access to post-secondary education or training than young people who grew up with family supports.

Students accessing the program must be:

  • from British Columbia;
  • aged between 19 to 26 years; and
  • have been in care for a minimum of 24 months.

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