B.C. residency requirement

To receive student financial assistance, you must be a resident of B.C. according to the criteria described below. To determine residency, students are classified either as Dependent or Independent. This classification is also used to determine financial need.

If you are classified as Dependent, your residency is defined as the Canadian province in which your parent(s), step-parent(s), or legal guardian have lived most recently for 12 continuous months.

If your parents are separated or divorced, or if your parent is single, only one parent's financial information is used to calculate financial need. This is the parent who is your main financial supporter.

As an independent student you are a resident of B.C. if:

  • B.C. is the province where you last lived for 12 continuous months, as of your study start date, not including months of full-time post-secondary study; or
  • you are an independent permanent resident, or designated as a protected person, living in B.C at the time of application and will spend the study period in B.C but have not lived in any one province for at least 12 continuous months. For example, if an independent student arrived in Canada as a permanent resident less than 12 months before the start date of classes, and intends to study in B.C., the student would be considered a resident of B.C. for student financial assistance purposes.

You can only apply to one province or territory for student financial assistance. Applying to more than one province will result in a restriction and verification of your application. Any funding you are eligible for will be delayed.