Policy and Procedures

2014/2015 StudentAid BC policy manual

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The StudentAid BC Policy Manual is a comprehensive guide to the policies governing the StudentAid BC program.

To read or download individual chapters of the Policy Manual, click the chapter title names to the left.

For Students

Students can find information about the StudentAid BC program and how to apply throughout this website, in the Student Guide, and in the Instruction Guide.

For Institution Officials

Officials from post-secondary education institutions can find additional information, resources and forms related to the administration of StudentAid BC in the sections below.

The StudentAid BC Administration Manual provides instructions for private post-secondary institution officials about how to administer StudentAid BC policies.

All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher.
Policy manual
2014/15 StudentAid BC policy manual 1.76 MB - PDF
2013/14 StudentAid BC policy manual 2.21 MB - PDF
Program codes
Program codes search
B.C. public school program codes
Designation for 2014/2015 program year
Designation policy framework

(Intergovernmental Consultative Committee on Student Financial Assistance,
April 2003 [updated February 2008])

268.5 KB - PDF
2014/15 Designation agreement 80.6 KB - PDF
Schedule C - 2014/15 Signing Officers Information 60.4 KB - PDF
Designation Agreement – Frequently Asked Questions 198.9 KB - PDF
2014/15 Designation Application for BC Private & other Provincial Institutions 65.95 KB - PDF
2014/15 Designation Application for United States Institutions 66.93 KB - PDF
2014/15 Designation Application for International Institutions 66.38 KB - PDF
2014/15 Designation Application for International Medical Institutions 66.32 KB - PDF
2014/15 Program eligibility declaration instruction guide
2014/15 Program eligibility declaration for private post-secondary institutions

(for classes starting between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015)

93.35 KB - PDF
Confirmation of StudentAid BC distance education eligibility 143.21 KB - PDF
New program request for public post-secondary schools 41.3 KB - PDF
2014/15 StudentAid BC Administration Manual 2.05 MB - PDF
2012/13 StudentAid BC Administration Manual 2.79 MB - PDF
Non-punitive withdrawal from study period
Certificate 3 - Continuation of interest-free status for grant overawards
Directed programs
2014/15 Adult Upgrading Grant application 134.04 KB - PDF
2014/15 Adult Upgrading Grant manual 447.08 KB - PDF
Assistance program for students with disabilities 146.88 KB - PDF
Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Disabilities – Service Request Form 668.14 KB - PDF
Disability services framework 71.17 KB - PDF
Learning disability assessment bursary application 56.09 KB - PDF
Learning Disability Screen 417.03 KB - PDF
Part-time studies application 2013/2014

For classes starting between Aug 1st, 2013 and July 31, 2014 for these programs:

  • Part-time Canada student loan
  • Canada student grant for persons with permanent disabilities
  • Canada student grant for part-time students with dependants
  • Canada student grant for part-time students
  • B.C. supplemental bursary for students with a permanent disability
Part-time studies request for reassessment 2013/2014
Part-time studies notification 31.41 KB - PDF
Repayment resource guide 204.07 KB - PDF
Repayment Rate Frequently Asked Questions 147.55 KB - PDF
Default rate letter 2012 [Appendices A-D] 35.59 KB - PDF