Am I eligible for rehabilitation?

If you defaulted on guaranteed or direct lend B.C. student loans, you must:

  • Not be in default under the Canada student loan program.
  • Make payments to Revenue Services of British Columbia:
    • for at least six consecutive months;
    • in a lump sum totaling six monthly payments; or
    • in full.
  • Pay all outstanding interest, NSF charges and any additional fees associated with the defaulted B.C. student loan.

If your B.C. student loan has been written off or extinguished as a bad debt, you must submit a rehabilitation after default application to StudentAid BC to be eligible for more financial assistance.

To make arrangements to repay a guaranteed or direct lend B.C. student loan in default, contact:

Revenue Services of British Columbia
PO Box 9483
Victoria, BC V8W 9W6
P: 1-866-345-3930

If you have defaulted on risk-sharing B.C. student loans, please view the information on missing loan payments.

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