About the B.C. Student Loan Rehabilitation Program

If you have defaulted on repaying a student loan, you must request rehabilitation before you can apply for additional student financial assistance, in-study interest-free status or apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan* from StudentAid BC. If you are approved for rehabilitation, your loans will go back into good standing (not in default, delinquent status or bankruptcy, and no Province of British Columbia or Government of Canada Overaward restrictions). Please see the SABC Policy Manual for information on rehabilitation after bankruptcy.

NOTE: All rehabilitated guaranteed B.C. student loan accounts will be converted to an integrated Canada-B.C. student loan and administered under the terms and conditions of the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) by the National Student Loans Service Centre. If you do not have a signed MSFAA on file at the time of rehabilitation, you may be required to sign and return the MSFAA before the rehabilitation is complete.

Risk-Sharing Loans (loans issued Aug. 1, 1995 to July 31, 2000)

The lender who cashed your risk-sharing B.C. student loan document is responsible for collecting if you default. If you are applying for rehabilitation after default and you have a risk-sharing B.C. student loan, you must negotiate with your lender to bring your loan into good standing. Provide StudentAid BC with a letter of good standing from your risk-sharing lender. See the contact information section for lending agency information.

Lending Institution Contact Information

If you hold a risk-sharing British Columbia student loan and need to contact a lending agency to obtain a letter confirming your B.C. student loan is back in good standing:

Mailing address:

CIBC National Student Loan Centre
PO Box 5055
Burlington, ON L7R 4P3
Attention: Government reconciliation



Royal Bank / RBC
Western Student Loan Service Centre
PO Box 4700 Stn D
Toronto, ON M9A 4X5


Government Student Loan Administration Centre
PO Box 9 Stn U
Toronto, ON M8Z 5M4


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