When am I not eligible for non-repayment or in-study interest-free status?

You are not eligible to be in non-repayment or in-study interest-free status on your Canada-B.C. integrated student loan if:

  1. 1 You are enrolled in full-time studies but also have full-time employment during your study period
  2. 2 You submit the Schedule 2 Confirmation of Enrolment after your study period end date and you have outstanding interest
  3. 3 You do not meet the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program and Canada Student Financial Assistance Regulations (SOR/95-329) requirements
  4. 4 You are restricted due to a review of the information you provided
  5. 5 You have reached the lifetime maximum weeks for in-study interest-free status

Note: All 'funded terms' are included in the calculation for lifetime maximum. This includes the non-repayment and interest-free periods of which no student loan funding was issued.