What do I need to do if I am audited?

If your file is audited, you will need to support your application with documentation. For this reason, please keep all receipts and other documents that may be needed, including:

  • cancelled cheques and/or cash withdrawal receipts
  • bank and other financial statements
  • child support receipts
  • spousal support and maintenance receipts
  • utility bills
  • residential tenancy agreements
  • day-care payment receipts/contracts
  • day-care subsidy records
  • income statements
  • income tax returns and notices of assessments
  • T4 and other information slips
  • pay stubs
  • records of employment, and
  • financial statements

By responding quickly to audit requests, you can avoid delays in processing your student financial aid file and/or program application. Funding will be withheld until audits are completed.

The following may be considered fraud and restrict you from further financial assistance for up to five years:

  • false or misleading statements,
  • failure to fully disclose information,
  • acts of document tampering or forgery
Audits that identify suspected fraud will be sent to the RCMP for formal investigation and may result in charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.
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